Les Champ Plowman

Les Plowman – Champ to all of us was a devout South Newton & Wishford Utd FC supporter. There was nothing that would stop him going to every game, all kinds of weather, Rain, Wind, Snow you could always rely on Champ to come to each game supplying the chewing gum for all the players! always present on the line – giving orders and encouraging each and every player as much as he could. Most of the time he would have a cigarette on the go and you could always rely on him to provide a “wee tot” of whisky to warm you up from his hip flask, something he always had at every game.

He was never afraid to offer his opinion, not only to the Players but also to the opposing team and the man in the middle, especially when he was running the line, which he very often did and like a lot of us was not afraid to tell the Ref where he could place the flag should he not take any notice of him flagging.

Most of us will remember the days of reaching cup finals, Champ was always there first in line to get on the coach with a Blue and White scarf and very often a hand made blue and white rosette! “Come on you Blue Boys” was the shout, he loved the post match Beer as well.

Champ was Mr South Newton and felt that he wanted to give something back to the players and this is where  “Champs Choice” was born. He lived not only for the club but for the end of season presentation evening, very often we would hire a coach and dress up to the nines and go off to a Hotel for a sit down meal, every player with their wives or partners and close friends were invited to. This was the evening that Champ loved especially as it gave him the opportunity to present his “Champs Choice” trophy!

He will always be part of SN&W UTD FC and we will always remember him – even now us older members of the club remark on times gone by and often you hear – do you remember when Champ……..

A true ambassador to the Club of South Newton & Wishford Utd FC